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120 Delaware Street

Scully Realty is located at 120 Delaware Street. This building was originally known as the “Hussey House” and was built by Eliakim Hussey, A Cooper, in 1738. Since the first quarter of the 19th Century, it has been a home and/or a store combination. In the 1940’s it was the home and small shoe shop of E. V. Platt.

The reason Curt Scully runs a “mom and pop” operation out of a storefront office instead of going after the big bucks can be spelled simply:

“I don’t really like big offices”, Mr. Scully says while sitting in his modest quarters on New Castle’s historic Delaware Street.

“The bigger the operation, the less trust there appears to be”, says Mr. Scully, who has worked for some major Wilmington Real Estate firms during his 25 years in the business.

“It’s a case where you better not leave any notes lying around when you leave the office (at the large firms)”, says Mr. Scully, whose only full-time employee is his wife, Genevieve.

“I’d really like to pass it (the business) onto the kids. I think they could do real well.” 

A native of Wilmington’s East Side, Mr. Scully opened his present office about 10 years ago (1976), after working for larger real estate operations as an agent. He is a graduate of Salesianum School and has served two terms as President of the school’s alumni associate.


August, 1986
Delaware Business Review


Curt & Tim Scully

Tim fulfilled his father’s wishes.  He slowed  down his construction company and got his  broker’s license in order to keep Curt Scully Realty thriving.   With Tim’s past knowledge in the construction field, he can offer insight with your home’s purchase, sale, or rental.  

Tim’s wife, Yvonne, who is Tim’s only full-time employee, attended Goldey Beacom and obtained her degree as an executive secretary. Yvonne keeps the office going just as Tim’s mother did years ago. Pat and Zach, both Salesianum and University of Delaware graduates have become 3rd generation realtors.  We remain a family owned and operated businesss.

Adapted from the Delaware Business Review – August, 1986